Our Story

In the beginning, as our name suggests, BackShedSlots was conceived in a typical Australian back yard shed.
It started with a basic Scalextric Sport layout with no bells and whistles.
But it soon became very obvious that this was not going to satisfy our desire for more speed, higher lap timing accuracy and more realism.
The realism side of things relating to how the Race Management software works, and the scenery/accessories around the track itself.
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We provide a range of track-side accessories, buildings and miscellaneous scale items for you to place in your layout to help bring your track to life.

We are currently in production stages to add to our current available products.


Race Management


We use and highly recommend Race Coordinator as a

complete race management system.

The author only asks for a donation to a charity he supports, in return for a brilliant program that rivals any of the other commercially available packages.

Add in a USB plug & play lap timing hardware setup from Viasue, and you have yourself a killer setup with many customisable options in both hardware setup and software options.